About Belted Galloways

Commonly referred to as “Belties”, these cows are distinct for their appearance, with a wide, white belt of fur surrounding their midsection, and an almost black coat on either end, including the head. They are also polled, meaning that they have no horns, which makes for a somewhat safer cow to handle. Generally speaking though, cows are docile animals, and especially our herds of belties here on Meadow View Farm. They lead the kind of stress-free life you would expect from the stories you read as a child. Wide open pastures of lush, organic grasses and legumes, plenty of fresh, clean water and sunshine, and days spent sauntering and chomping in the fields.

Originally from Scotland, the Galloway cattle breed has been around for hundreds of years, and is supremely suited for the harsh winters of both the Scottish highlands and those in northern New England and Canada. This is due to its double coat of fur which in turn means less fat, naturally, and a higher feed –to-weight gain ratio, since less of their feed is burned off as heat energy.

The Belties are a small-framed, yet hardy animal, and slower-growing than other breeds, but they live longer too, with some mothers calving annually for up to 20 years.


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